Jason Jumani

The people I am honored to work with come from different walks of life, and have crossed my path in various ways. Whether it's people I met in school, walking my dog, out serving communities, travelling, or even through my affiliations with the Jeep or motorcycle clubs, each one has unique goals for their real estate endeavors. No matter what their story is, real estate has a profound impact on us all as life evolves and investment portfolios diversify.

Today's real estate market is anything but simple to understand. That's why I take the time to create custom strategies and visual dashboards for you, to simplify the complex information and clear your road map to success in any market. Prior to entering real estate, and after my professional designations of MBA and CPA, I held various Executive Management positions, and also led the biggest real estate brokerage in Canada for 5 years. These experiences expanded my knowledge and made me a better resource for my clientele today.

Over the years, and through different markets, it has been humbling and rewarding to be able to Empower my clients' real estate dreams and goals. From buying a dream home for a growing family, investing in property to expand their portfolio, or even just looking into new possibilities for the future, I'm here to help show anyone looking for answers what's available in a clear and useful way.

Outside of real estate, I take pride in giving back to the community I call home. I have served on strata councils, community policing, street adoption, event coordination, and any opportunity that involves helping the less fortunate. There are five key principles that drive everything I do: Happiness, Love, Humility, Quality, and Resilience. I carry these with me through my personal and professional life.

If you're looking for a real estate partner who works hard to lead you toward your goals, feel free to reach out anytime to find out what we can achieve together.